The HHF GCA Digital Portal

The HHF GCA digital portal hosts digitized and born-digital materials, complementing our physical collections. It serves as a platform for researchers to explore resources illuminating Greek Canadians’ varied experiences, histories, and perspectives. The digital portal contains oral history interviews associated with various research projects. These include “Greeks in Canada: A Digital Public History,”* “Childhood Narratives of Greek Canadians from the 1940s,” and “Film as Mediator: Cultivating a Cypriot Canadian Community Audiovisual Media Archive.” These interviews are a valuable resource for preserving the community’s cultural heritage and sharing it with future generations.

With the support of our colleagues and partners, we have also embarked on a digitization campaign. We are actively identifying, collecting, and digitizing photos, audio and video recordings, and newspapers. These digitized materials will be integrated into the digital portal, guiding researchers toward related content. Anyone interested in donating or loaning materials should contact

* This research is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).


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