Terms of Use (Registered Users)

HHF Greek Canadian Archives Digital Portal Terms of Use for Registered Users

You must be registered in the HHF Greek Canadian Archives Digital Portal to access the interviews and other media published on this website. By accessing and using this website, you agree to comply with these terms of use.

1. General
The "HHF Greek Canadian Archives Digital Portal" (hereafter: digital portal) is made accessible on the Internet by the HHF Greek Canadian Archives at York University (hereinafter: operator). 

2. Purpose of the Digital Portal
The oral history interviews and other media published on the digital portal are provided to persons and institutions for educational and research purposes only. They are not intended to be used as legal, professional, or medical advice, nor are they intended to be used for commercial or promotional purposes. The views and opinions expressed in the interviews are those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the views of York University, the operator, or its affiliated researchers. York University and the operator take no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the information contained in these interviews. York University and the operator do not endorse or support the views expressed in these interviews and reserve the right to remove any content that is found to be inappropriate or harmful.

3. Property Rights
The entire digital portal is protected by copyrights and the personal rights of the interviewees, the interviewers, and the operator. The metadata and associated software from the digital portal are protected by the operator's copyright.

4. Application to Use the Digital Portal
To use the digital portal, an application is required. After the application has been successfully checked, the applicant will be granted permission to access the digital portal using the email and password they used to register. This data must be treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties. In the event of misuse, the operator is entitled to revoke the usage permission and, if necessary, to take further legal action.

5. Permitted Use
Within the scope of the digital portal’s intended use, the digital portal may only be used for educational, teaching, and research purposes, particularly by pupils, students, scientists, research institutions, and other research and public institutions for research. Use for personal research is also permitted if there is a demonstrable and legitimate interest. Quotations are permitted in independent works according to and within the framework of the Copyright Act of Canada. The source must be cited with every citation. The information must contain: Last name, first name, interview, reference ID, interview date, interview archive "Greeks in Canada: A Digital Public History", www.hhfgca-archive.webflow.io, DOI, (date of retrieval).

6. Processing Material from the Digital Portal
Editing material from the digital portal is not permitted within the scope of these terms of use. Editing occurs when there is a change to the content or when making a copy of material from the digital portal. The processing of material requires special permission. Inquiries should be directed to the operator.

7. Personal Rights and Bans on Use
When using the digital portal, the user must always ensure that the personal rights of the contemporary witnesses interviewed are respected and that their data worthy of protection is not disseminated or that their interests are not impaired. Using material from the digital portal for advertising, election campaigns, or similar purposes is prohibited. The improper use of material from the digital portal to defame interviewees, interviewers, or the operator is prohibited.

8. Liability
The user warrants that the digital portal material they used will only be used within these terms of use. To this end, they must take all necessary precautions to prevent misuse of the material by third parties. The user will inform the operator immediately in the event of misuse and will support them in asserting their rights in court or out of court, provide the necessary information, and provide documents and records.

9. Disclaimer
Claims for damages against the operator are excluded, regardless of the legal basis, unless the operator, its legal representatives, or vicarious agents have acted intentionally or with gross negligence. The above limitation of liability does not apply to claims for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health or from the assumption of a quality guarantee or fraudulent concealment of defects by the operator. The operator is not liable for the statements made in the interviews.

10. Data Protection
As part of the digital portal application, personal data is collected and stored by Memberstack Inc. These are used exclusively for internal purposes and will never be shared with third parties without the user's consent. By using the digital portal, the user authorizes the operator to process, store, evaluate, and use the data received in connection with the use in accordance with data protection laws. The user has a right to information and a right to correct, block, and delete their stored data.

11. Applicable Law and Final Provisions
Canadian law applies. The place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction, to the extent permitted by law, is Toronto. The operator reserves the right to change or supplement these terms of use with effect for the future.